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Oystr is a tool that helps teams analyse and build strategies from conversations via real-time, collaborative mind mapping.

Oystr connects with popular social platforms, such as e-mail, Slack, and Twitter, so it's easy to get started.

And because Oystr also connects with task management software, like Jira, Trello, and Asana, it's even easier to turn your strategies into actions.

How does Oystr Work?



Great insights come from great conversations. Easily send your insights to Oystr through integration with a variety of collaborative platforms.



With your insights in Oystr, you can begin crafting a complete strategy. We call this "sensemaking". The powerful visual "grammar" Oystr employs was designed to improve shared understanding.


Report & Decide

Oystr provides a number of popular formats to easily communicate the strategy and inform decisions. (e.g. Lean Startup Canvas, Business Model Canvas, SWOT, document-based reports etc.)


Take Action

Oystr integrates with common project and task management tools so everyone can understand the intention behind every task.

How do I use Oystr?

Our short video will show you how people work with Oystr and how quick it is to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current state of Oystr?

Oystr is still in development and as such is looking for users that would be comfortable with being an early adopter of innovative ideas and tools.

When will Oystr be out of beta?

There is no set time line on this as this will change according to feedback from users. The current hope is that the product will have reached a sufficient degree of maturity by late 2016.

How much does Oystr cost?

Pricing hasn't yet been finalised. Oystr is expected to be similarly priced to other collaborative tools like Slack, Trello, Office 365 etc.

Is Oystr an app for PC/Mac/Android/iOS?

Oystr currently only offers a web-based app. In the future we may offer native apps for these platforms but this will be confirmed at a later stage.

What browsers does Oystr support?

Oystr is tested and developer for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9/10/11/Edge, and Safari.

What devices does Oystr support?

Oystr currently supports Mac, PC, and Android/iOS tablets. Although Oystr is usable on Android/iOS phones, the user experience is greatly impacted by the (typically) small size of the screen.

Meet The Team

Chris Tomich

Founder & Software Engineer

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Stephen Tomich

Designer & Web Developer

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